Portuguese Translator for Hire!

Roblox will soon be auto translating all UI text to multiple languages.


That would be helpful.

That’s the most messiest way of doing it. That is the worst way to do it. Trial and error is very time consuming. I don’t ever recommend doing that.

Uh how could you copy words when you don’t know what they mean and if they are not in the same context and grammar as you are going for?

You do it once and people voluntarily correct it. Not time consuming whatsoever and it is entirely free. That and Roblox is releasing a thing of its own to do this, which I do not think will cost x Robux per word (but who knows).

All you guys thinking an auto translator will be just as good as a human who speaks the language - srsly?

Of course someone who natively speaks the language is going to be better than a computer.


Don’t see anyone who was suggesting Google Translate/etc is as good as human translation after the OP responded to that one-off post in post #3. The majority of the thread is concerning the price and resulting trade-offs.

Isn’t the roblox translaton everyone is talking about done by a machine?


1 post of 22. What you originally posted about auto translation not being better than a human is correct, but there isn’t any discussion suggesting otherwise. Sure, you can clarify that, but since these posts aren’t really getting any attention to begin with, all sniping minor remarks does is drag them out.

Looking over the thread, the only real concern that’s been discussed is the price and its tradeoffs, if you want to comment on that.

4 of 19. The price is high for someone funding their game from their personal money but that’s not what I’m commenting on. Aren’t you spamming the thread yourself by trying to micromoderate my posts?

I think this is a reasonable price for any serious game. And any serious game should be looking for a native speaker.

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I think pretty much everyone would just use a free translator online than pay for a perfect translation.

If you guys don’t want to use the service he’s providing, don’t post here. If you have an issue with his pricing, message him about it. I get that for many of you, the pricing is a large issue, but if you aren’t going to use the service anyways, what do you care? If you were thinking of hiring this guy, then negotiate privately - don’t just be like “machine translation is free why would I pay you”.


Hey all, please stay on topic. Message OP directly if you would like to change the discussion.

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Yeah it’s very dependent on region. In NA on the west coast there are a ton of Spanish speakers but if you play on the East coast then it’s 99% English. I can’t even imagine what it’s like in Europe.

If people are looking for one they will find it via the search feature.

What he said is probably correct. Portuguese is actually a quite wide market, and I do believe most of those who use their native language in chat only know ‘what does this button does’ by intuiton. (It’s my belief, not necessarily a fact!)

Hence, if said belief proves being true, being able to accurately translate the game is a great plus for the developer or developer team, to the game and to the playerbase as that implies an easier learning curve.

About the Translation/Localization feature Roblox is preparing, if we are able to input our own translations, then we should do it - at the stage translation AI is at right now, they won’t cover the grammar context very well.

However, there are some points that I should stress:

  • Just like the English is divided into American English and British/European English, plus with other variants (Australian English), Portuguese is divided into American/Brazillian Portuguese and Portugal/European Portuguese (plus the Portuguese from Angola or Mozambique). I’d say with confidence that 99% of the portuguese playerbase belongs to the first case. This means that if the one who does the translation is european portuguese (like me), translation might not be 100% accurate to the 99% of the player base - but it is a fact that us, european portuguese, have daily contact with the brazillian one (Brazil has almost 20x the population of Portugal)

  • I know by personal experience that some european portuguese players can get somewhat triggered because the translation is in brazillian portuguese.

  • As I already said, I woudln’t pay for this kind of translator for this one language, as I already speak it natively. But if I wasn’t portuguese, I’d rather agree on a per-setence price or per-item price, or, even better, a single price calculated based on how much unique items I had to translate:

The price offered is too high, and, to be honest, unsustainable: If I accepted that price:
0.35$ * 17 words in this sample setence = 5.95$. I’d pay six dollars for a professionally translated setence with three verbs (gramatically it’s nothing complex). For this one setence I wouldn’t pay more than 0.15$ - I could even get someone to translate this for me for free.

For this one setence, added to a naval game context, a good direct translation would be:
“Avistámos navios inimigos à frente - a sua/tua (formal/informal) missão é destruí-los. Boa sorte, capitão.”

We could also be more creative and spice the setence up, making the translation more natural:
“Avistámos navios inimigos já à frente - a tua missão é dar cabo deles. Boa sorte, capitão.”

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Honestly, I don’t think that this price worth. Big company’s make translation with professionals for a lower price…

Also, some details of your sentence are wrong:

Avistamos n vai acento;
a preposição a que vc usou antes de frente seria sem acento pois a preposição à (a+a) seria usado apenas para hora e para substantivos femininos vindo a frente da frase.

Geralmente, “Avistamos” é presente. (equivalent to Present Simple - “we spot”)
A frase encontra-se no pretérito perfeito (Past Simple - “we spotted”), por isso pronunciamos o “a” como a preposição (a + a) - símbolo fonético a que nós escrevemos como á

Avistámos navios inimigos à frente diz-me que quem fala avistou os navios num periodo passado, definido ou não.
Avistamos navios inimigos à frente dá-me a entender que os navios estão sempre lá!

No entanto, isto é português europeu que, obviamente, pode diferir ligeiramente do português do Brazil.

lol weird

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I’d do an hourly rate fam. Even if its quite high (like $50), if you’re fluent it won’t take more than 20 minutes to translate most text in the average Roblox game