Poseidon Underwater Staff Inspection Guide

Any and all information may be altered at any time. Major changes will be announced prior to release

Special Notes for Staff Inspection

  • Staff Inspections can only be hosted by high-ranking personnel.
  • Attendees must be middle-ranking personnel or higher.
  • It is recommended to be accompanied by multiple co-hosts and individuals with administrator permissions.
  • Staff Inspections may not include low-ranking personnel unless approved by a command-ranking member.

Part 1

  • Gather all staff in the front row of the multi-center.
  • Manually write down the names of the staff in this inspection or screenshot.
  • Make sure all staff are in the approved dress code.
  • Make sure no one is wearing any inappropriate clothing.
  • First, introduce yourself to the staff.
  • Explain the STAFF rules and do a grammar test + safechat test.

Part 2

  • Tell them that this is the inspection practice stage.
  • Inform them that you will start working from a specific side, and when you walk up to them, they will say their name, Poseidon rank, ready for inspection, Sir/Ma’am!
  • Thank them when they respond to you. It must go smoothly.
  • Ask them to line up, let them in and have them to STS on the red line by rank, Highest rank closest to the door.

Part 3

  • Do some rule trivia.
  • Have them go to the receptionist station and tell them to get ready.
  • Tell them to partner up and train each other.
  • Supervise them and make sure they are training each other correctly

Part 4

  • Conduct another grammar test.
    • Possible questions include:
    • What rank do you want to be and why?
    • Why do you like Poseidon Underwater?
    • Have you made any friends at Poseidon Underwater?
    • What do you like about Poseidon Underwater?
  • Make sure they answer the question in 2-3 sentences and proper grammar.

Part 5

  • Take the staff back to the lobby.
  • Summon a forcefield around the people that did stunningly well.
  • Request a promotion for the people you think deserve it.


All staff are expected to behave in a sophisticated manner. For example, if a customer begins to threaten you, or a troll harasses you personally, do not get upset. Contact a high-ranking staff member and explain the situation.

Low-ranking staff must have the uniform on at all times. Please also use grammar, this goes for all staff members.

Speak proper English.

Come to a facility of ours for at least 15 minutes a day, failure to do so may result in a demotion.

If you witness an incident of bullying or admin abuse by any member of staff. Please take screenshots and send proof to high-ranking personnel.

Please report any bugs to a Developer or high-ranking personnel.

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