Position and Orientation not setting

In my code I position and rotate the parts but it never actually does any of that.

local Variables = game.Workspace.Island.Workshops[Player.Name .. "'s Plot"].Interior.PCTEST.UnUsedParts[itemName][Plot][PWorkshop.Interior.PCTEST.Variables.Case.Value]
		PWorkshop.Interior.PCTEST.UnUsedParts[itemName][PartGroup].Position = Vector3.new(Variables.Pos.Value)
		PWorkshop.Interior.PCTEST.UnUsedParts[itemName][PartGroup].Orientation = Vector3.new(Variables.Rot.Value)
		print(Variables.Pos.Value, Variables.Rot.Value)

The print prints the position and rotation of the value so I don’t know why it does not apply to the part. The value is a Vector3Value (Which is the Pos and Rot in the script)

Vector3Values return a Vector3 themselves. Just take out the Vector3.new().

PWorkshop.Interior.PCTEST.UnUsedParts[itemName][PartGroup].Position = Variables.Pos.Value
PWorkshop.Interior.PCTEST.UnUsedParts[itemName][PartGroup].Orientation = Variables.Rot.Value
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