[POSITION TAKEN] Cambridge County, State of Palmdale

Hello! The Palmdale Development Team is in desperate need of UI developer, the following would be need to made.

UI to show items you can buy
UI to show cars you can spawn
UI to show the radio, calls,
Phone UI
Car MPH and gas UI (with gears)
Police Database UI
UI to show what gun you have and your ammo
Robbery UI
Prison Message UI (rights)
Call Sign UI upon entering a team
Prison Message UI for your time
Arresting UI
Notification UI
Citation UI
Bank UI
Gas Pump UI
Intro UI with transparent background of the city with a PLAY button
UI on the phone to show the option of hiding your username, UI on your phone to show your bank account, UI on your phone to show game time on top, UI on your phone to have a team change application, Application buy in-game cash. (ALL THESE WOULD BE APPS ON THE PHONE IN WHICH YOU CLICK ON IT ACCESS THE CONTENTS)
911 call UI on your phone with more info when you click on it
UI to show health and stamina
ETC more info will be told upon dming me.

Further Information: This is a big project, so you must have experience with UI designing, in addition, make sure you have past work-ready upon dming me.

Payment: The starting price is 1k Robux

Contact me on discord: KingsFinest#6520

Only 1k for all this? This is at least 30 hours of work.

It clearly states starting price on the payment section.

In all fairness he said starting price. I am sure he would be willing to negotiate a permanent percentage if sufficient funds are currently not available. But I’m not here to tell how to do jobs.

Ah sorry, I was not sure what starting price meant

Are you expecting the UI designers to script it as well or are you just looking for a UI artist?

Just a UI artist. Not a scripter for them. @itsokayepic

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