Positioning when animating is acting weird

hello, so i just recently added fingers to a rthro rig. it have the palm connected to the Lower arm and the fingers connected to the palm. Whenever i try to move the palm in the animation, the rotating tool is higher than the actual thing im rotating, and it throws off the animation. How do i fix that?

Are you trying to change the pivot point of the hand?

I change the pivot point and it doesnt change in the animation editor, but it does when out of the animation editor

What else can i try, everyone keeps telling me to do that and it doesnt work

Its position never changes in the animation editor

Im not famililar with this situation, but did you have this issue before changing out the hand?

No, i didnt, i added the costom hands and connected it to the lowerarm with a motor, and the position wont change in the animation editor but it will outside of it. Making it look weird

It sounds like it might be the way you connected it is not recognized by the animation editor.

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It doesnt happen with the finger though when i change their positions

Yeah, i just dont know what to change, i feel like ive changed all the properties i could

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