Positioning with .Scale property on GUIs not working as intended

There’s currently an issue with positioning using the .Scale property when using GUIs and occurs both on the Roblox Client and in Studio.

As of yesterday small gaps have suddenly appeared all over my UIs (1 pixel thick) and this has now ruined my ui work as it’s an absolute eyesore.

THIS OCCURED YESTERDAY (3rd January) and has not been an issue for as far back as I remember.


As you can see above there is a fine gap between the image on top, and the image beneath. The image beneath is parented to the image on top and set to a position of UDim2(0,0,1,0) and therefore SHOULD be anchored right at the bottom of the frame, but there is a gap!

REPRO - My UIs are all positioned at 1/100ths eg, UDim2.new(0.345,0,0.489,0) and I’ve noticed the bug is especially prominent when done so. This bug occurs 100% of the time, but it depends where the element is placed at that resolution. To demo it just resize the game window in studio and it will occur at some point.

repro.rbxl (15.7 KB)

Here’s another example:

B is parented to A and a fine gap appears again between them.

Another example:

After some digging I’ve noticed that as of yesterday the AbsolutePosition property is no longer set at a whole number and I’m wondering if the cause is a rounding error. As I mentioned above - this is an unexpected behaviour and had NOT been an issue until yesterday.

Image with problem:

Image & video before this was a problem:


I’m fairly sure this happens because Roblox can’t make fractions of pixels be different colors.

Hence making 33.33% scaled guis next to eachother will render an extra pixel at different sizes of the screen, it just rounds.

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This wasn’t an issue before - at least, not in such severity.

This has completely ruined UI I was working on that used rotated gradients and shadow textures to create glows and whatnot. This only very recently became a problem.

I’m supposed to get paid for what I’m working on and this is holding me back. This is not a simple fix on my end either as I rely heavily on sprites and precisely positioned textures (that scale to the screen) to create cool effects.


I couldn’t agree more:

This problem hasn’t arised since a few days ago, so posting a solution from back in november is just as useful as telling someone to make it from scratch



The “improvements” to UI rendering need to be rolled back or patched ASAP. Please.

I cannot simply “redo” my textures, and using offset is not an option since I rely heavily on scaling across devices.


I have the same issue the past few days. I used multiple text labels to create a smooth dropshadow effect, but the positioning of them is now incorrect depending on the screen size. They now display at the same xy position regardless that I am offsetting the position by 1 pixel.


I’ve noticed this recently and it’s proving to be a massive pain and adding loads of unnecessary development time to projects.
I’ve just completely given up on trusting this feature now and have just gone to custom assets for it all. Takes longer but poses less risk of being broken.
Hoping Roblox address this soon though.

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AbsolutePosition is reading out values ending with .5, even though pixels can only be whole numbers. Sounds like a rounding issue to me.

Also, can we please get a response on this??? Having a line go through the middle of your frames is annoying to say the least. https://i.imgur.com/t0mYnqq.png


I’ll take a look into this and see what we can do to fix. Thanks for the report!


This should be fixed now, as we turned off a feature that was causing this. We will only reenable when this bug is fixed.


Unfortunately it seems the latest update has broken this again for me and this bug is now occurring again :frowning:

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@Tiffblocks have you pushed your GUI changes? You may have broken this by mistake if you have.

We had some other changes go live yesterday, looking into what could of caused an issue. Will update when we know

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Any news on this? It still exists and is very annoying.

This is fixed for me?