Positives and Negatives to Free Models/Models from the toolbox?

(Please let me know if this is the wrong topic)

I wanted to know everybody’s thoughts. I know that people bash on others for using free models, but they can also make your building look really good. So, do you think it is better to use them if you do not have a modeler or aren’t good with Roblox Studio and/or Blender?

My friend, who creates some of my maps, sometimes uses free models. Some of my other friends get pretty annoyed at them. I think it is fine to do, but at least remove the viruses and in some cases give credit. Please, once again, let me know your thoughts!


Using them often, thats when the problem comes. In other scenarios, it really depends.

If you’re using free models because you’re lazy, then you’re lazy. you could care less, and thats what you get called out for.

other scenarios where you’re using open source things such as open source helicopters, thats acceptable because it’s things like this that free-models/open source things should be used for.

if ur someone starting out, free models are good to learn from. otherwise, the more you use them, the less unique your work becomes and the more of a lazy dev you become.