Possibility of adding an option for multiple lighting?

Hello so I am wondering if its possible to have multiple different lighting options where players can select them.

So basically I want a blurr, sunny lighting, Night lighting etc.

And players can select either or. So lets say they want a blurr lighting they can have that. But then they want a sunny lighting so they switch to that.

Is this possible?

How would I go about

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I’d recommend this should go in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support , because this definitely needs scripts.

You’d need a GUI and some knowledge on skyboxes, and rain particles in a ParticleEmitter.

okay but how would I go about the lighting part

Would I need to make a folder or something?

Absolutely no folders are needed.

You could have a GUI with multiple buttons to set the weather. Each button sets the weather to a different type, such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.

Hey Zirdic!

So I assume you would be talking about localised lighting settings for people to choose. All of this could be done over the client side by making a GUI and having options of each lighting settings you want. Then when that button is selected, have a couple of folders in ReplicatedStorage and it will clone everything from that folder and place them it into lighting.

For example:

if game.ReplicatedStorage.LightingOptions:FindFirstChild(script.Parent) then
local SelectedLighting = game.ReplicatedStorage.LightingOptions:FindFirstChild(script.Parent)
for i,v in pairs(SelectedLighting:GetChildren()) do
v:Clone().Parent = game.Lighting

Hope this helps!

Oh thx so much!

Is it possible where players can mix the options for the lighting?

So lets say I want a blurr effect while having a night time lighting


Well that would be a lot more intensive, you’d have to like setup a store of what they’ve selected. I’d probably start off by making a folder within the player that saves their different options like:

Note you’d have to create this when the player joins the game.

local OptionsFolder = Instance.new("Folder")
OptionsFolder.Name = "LightingOptions"
OptionsFolder.Parent = Player

local OptionOne = Instance.new("ObjectValue")
OptionOne.Name = "Blur"
OptionOne.Value = BLURSELECTED
OptionOne.Parent = OptionsFolder

local OptionTwo = Instance.new("ObjectValue")
OptionTwo.Name = "Atmosphere"
OptionTwo.Value = ATMOSPHERE
OptionTwo.Parent = OptionsFolder

Then when you want to change your lighting setting, you’d have to refer to these settings.

If you selected a button that changed atmosphere, you’d write something like this

if game.ReplicatedStorage.LightingOptions:FindFirstChild(script.Parent) then
if Player.OptionsFolder.Atmosphere.Value ~= nil then

Player.OptionsFolder.Atmosphere.Value =  game.ReplicatedStorage.LightingOptions:FindFirstChild(script.Parent):Clone()
Player.OptionsFolder.Atmosphere.Value.Parent = game.Lighting

ur acutally talented at scripting.

Thx for this :wink:

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