Possibility to have Multiple Widgets for your Roblox Plugin?

Hello to those that are reading, how are you all doing?

Months ago, I decided to take the opportunity to learn more about how you can produce a Roblox plugin while constructing a little cool design. I dedicated some time to also taking a read at the Roblox Creator Documentation about it and especially widgets, which is to show custom windows/panels specifically once clicking on the icon.

However, after following up on the guide, a question came up to me: “Is it possible to create multiple widgets?” — Therefore, this led me to ask here at Developer Forum (by creating this post) if there are any possibilities to do so as seeing few other products from developers, for instance, the Atmosphere plugin by @Elttob, “Atmos - professional skyboxes and lighting”. (To note, I tried also searching in the documentation page, however, no articles were found.)

If someone knows how to do so, that would be appreciated, :grin:

Thank you!

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Furthermore, I also have one more question in needs to be assisted which is if there are possibilities to also link these multiple dock-widgets in ModuleScripts.

Replying back so it is possible to return to be featured at the top and get a little answer to my question!

Can’t you just call CreateDockWidgetPluginGui() multiple times and use a script to toggle the .Enabled property?

As fair as I know you can just parent the multiple DockWidgetPluginGuis to the same parent and use it normally from there.

Hi! Sorry for never replying back…

I am not sure if it is possible to do so with a current script of mine creating one already with CreateDockWidgetPluginGui()

Perhaps a Roblox ModuleScript may work?

Asking as planning to expand modernly my current plugin!