Possible Poll Notification Features?

(This is my first time posting here, if there are any problems with this topic, flag this topic and let me know!)

In the roblox dev forums, it’s currently a little bit difficult to check what people have voted in your polls. For example, when I’ve made a cool creations topic and I have a poll, I won’t get a notification of the pole.

Now, this feature may sound like hell for other roblox developers who get a lot of people voting on their poll(unless you make it like the reply notification ) but a toggle for this could be a solution. By default, it’s off but you can turn it on .

This will be good for the dev forums because it’ll make accessing your poll a little easier than it already is. Also, if you don’t get a notification from the topic and you’ve been doing quite a bit of activity, it will be absolute hell to find what people have voted.

Now, this feature may sound a bit useless but still, a small feature may do well for developers.



I am strongly against this. It will spam your notifications if a lot of users vote. If you want to keep tabs on a poll, easiest way is to just save the link to the poll somewhere accessible and check through it from time to time.

Perhaps something more subtle like an overview notification every hour or so depending on user preference (or completely disable it). Just to remind the author that the poll is still ongoing.


Yeah, that’d be a good idea actually. Might want to lengthen the time to a day though.

Maybe this could work like the Talent Hub, it notifies you every so often.
It wouldn’t work every time, because what if your topic blows up, and then you are getting hundreds of emails / desktop notifications about people voting.

Perhaps this can be done in the same way as Replys, if your pole consists of two choices and six users vote for one, instead of you getting a notification saying BOB liked your post, BOB2 liked your post and so forth just have one notification saying six users voted (insert name of poll choice).
Sorry if it’s a bit hard to read it understand.