Possible to make players join specfic server

Is it possible to have a person join a specific server I’m making a thing where when you choose monarchy you join a server with your kingdom there is a limited of 5 kingdoms but each kingdom can have 5 oligarchies(where two or more people rule) problem is how do you make it so only 5 kingdoms can be there and then oligarchies can only join that server if they’re other oligarchy is there, Max players is 25 since 5 kingdoms with 5 oligarchies.

Im just looking for an service or a function which I can implement


TeleportService - TeleportService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Teleport to server with JobId -

Teleport to server with a Reserved Server Access Code (needed for Private Servers) -


But doesn’t this teleport to places not servers I’m looking for servers tho

Or is there a way using teleport service to make a group of players join a game also you know how you can join servers in the roblox servers thing is thereway to disable that

as hala posted above, TeleportService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Make lobby and teleport from it

JobId is the server.

@Halalaluyafail3 answered your question already, and this is the proper solution:

Look at the second argument, InstanceId / JobId

Ok I will do that I have One question How do you disable players from joining servers because roblox has a join server thing in servers

If you use teleporttoprivateserver roblox should hide it automatically.

So only this can be implented with private servers?

These servers come from automatic matchmaking. Joining cannot be disabled. Reserved servers are not included in automatic matchmaking, therefore effectively “disabling” server joining. As for your game, only the server is allowed to make teleports to private servers with an access code provided.

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Ok, I have an idea I can kick people out if there not a oligarchy are a monarchy and only 5 kingdoms can be there any person froma sixth can be kicked

what about making game with more places

Thats not ossible since I would need a place for each kingdom unless if theres a way to auto make places

if you make lobby as main place you can make the main game not joinable, look on now almost dead game imperial it have got looby that port you on games

This isnt minigames lol Its not gonna work

Ok the game I gived as example isn’t also minigame, but it have main place with only lobby with 1 game and is reconnecting to place with the game and you can also write user name of player to join so you can make it like this only you will join server with needed parameters

And it is solving problem how to disable players join game servers because only way to join different place then start place is to teleport player from place in SAME game (from different you can only join start place)
so only way how to do it (join not start place without teleporting by game) is exploit

Kicking isn’t best idea, because it will take hour for player to join good server with automatic matchmaking