Possible to replicate accumulation motion blur?

I am curious, is it possible to replicate an accumulation motion blur effect? (NOT a dynamic blur where a blur effect is amplified based on camera speed), I am making an scp containment breach type game and am interested in recreating the blur used in that game, but is it possible with roblox? Here is an example:

Notice the blur effect that increases the more the character bleeds out, that is what I want to recreate.


from what i learnt is that this is only possible through viewportframes
however viewportframes dont render dynamic lighting, terrain, particles

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Its essentially capturing a frame, saving it to memory and giving it transparency overtime until it is fully transparent in which it is then released from memory (to save up memory), in which it does this for every frame (sometimes also set with a delay of frame capture to reduce the blur effect)
It’d be real nice if someone were to actually replicate that on Roblox as I really want to use it for a horror game I’m making. Though Im pretty sure it does not exist despite current technologies making it very possible, I think its the niche use of it that makes it not a feature on Roblox

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