Possible to search players ingame like on the website?

I’m trying to add a search mechanic to my game so you can search other players to see their stats.

I’ve found the API for searching but you can’t request Roblox’s API’s: Users Api

Is it possible to search for players like on the website? :

You can just use a proxy. Replace Roblox with Roproxy.

For example, this:

Would become this:

I just decided to go with your solution until I find a better one. Thank you!

Yes, but unless you want to spend quite a bit each month hosting a web server go ahead. It’s just easier to use a proxy.

It’s easier, but keep in mind it is a terrible idea - see the post outlined above.

I already read the above post. Sure it seems good, but it gets dicey for the server’s pricing especially if his game gets more popular meaning more requests will be sent.