Possible to spam GenerateGUID?

Since Roblox uses UUID for each unique server, let’s say a lot of people had loops generating tons of UUID’s would it slow down joining a Roblox server? The thought came to mind when I was looking at JobId’s. Probably dumb but Im curious.

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I do not think GUID generation is very CPU-intensive. If I recall correctly, it is just generating random alphanumeric characters.

Is there like a huge number of possible UUIDs that it wouldn’t matter?

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Could you provide more context on what you’re thinking about?

If you’re talking about generating the exact same GUID twice, this occurence is extremely rare - so rare it’s negligible in practice.

I dont think GUID generation is a significant vulnerability. If an exploiter has server access, they can cause the server to self destruct in much smarter ways, no need to abuse GUIDs.

Also it shouldn’t affect other servers. From my understanding, any GUIDs generated inside a game stay within the game (and actually, within the memory scope of the script that created them); I highly doubt there’s a risk that you could generate a duplicate GUID and somehow kill a server instance in a totally different game.

GenerateGUID is inexpensive to run and doesn’t have any bearing on the ability to join Roblox servers.

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