Possible ways to reduce server player position lag?

Hello Developers!

I’m not 100% sure if this post belongs in this topic, if not I’m sorry. I’m looking into creating a game that is based around sword fighting and I have had the idea of seeing if its possible to remove the lag between the clients to server players position? A lot or even every sword fighting game you can be killed when a player is not even within killing distance just because on their screen they can reach you. Any ideas on how this can be reduced, fixed or even possible?

Thanks, 50Alpha.

I’m sure this is based off ping so if the other opponent has some ping of 130-300, it’s most likely in their screen their killers will be further but if the killer has more lower ping let’s say 25-100 the killer instead has his opponent near to him.

Only way to partially fix this issue is to reduce some unnecessary game parts and moving parts if necessary so the ping doesn’t worsen overtime, or you can replicate things which i don’t know how so good luck.

You can do basic things like code optimization, part reduction (in maps) and so on.

A more ideal idea would be to implement a lag compensator as there have been situations where lag is simply not reductable.