Post-Apocalyptic Street Scenery

Hey everyone, this is my first post here, on the forum. Few days ago I finished my first showcase. It is based on a post-apocalyptic art I saw at the end of the last year and on my imaginanition. In total it took me approximately 96 hours (but I’ve had looong breaks between that). I’d be very glad for any feedback, if someone will ever see this.

Map link: Distorted World [Showcase] - Roblox

The Lost Street

An Overgrown Subway Tunnel

Inside Of An Abandoned Building

Subway Entrance


I rlly like this post apocalyptic showcase, It looks very good for your first time. I remember my first showcase was also post apocalyptic city. But in my opinion you need some more drama for example:

•Buildings leaning against each other

•maybe some waterfalls?

Ik you made some kind of suburb. But belive me, making destroyed metropolis is making more fun!

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The final two indoor pictures look too bright in my opinion. Do you have the indoor ambience set to a darker color?

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From what I can see in the pictures, the scenery is alright. However, it could be at least 10x better if you improved the lighting. Overall it’s pretty good for a first showcase though. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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I played the game, and for me personally its a bit too blurry to the point where its disorientating.