Post Approval disabled; level up to Regular process needs clarification

So, if you see this topic, you’ll also see that it says Regular still needs Post Approval.

I’m fine with this, but this poses a problem:
Post Approval is disabled, and (possibly) is leveling up to member.
I request stating that leveling up to member (or the new requirements) are stated in that post as to not confuse new users.

There are no new requirements. Stats are irrelevant for the most part, promotions were based on your ability to contribute to forum.

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That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need clarification. It still mentions PA.

What do you want it to mention? Its replacement has not been implemented yet. It wouldn’t make sense for them to update it if there is nothing to update it with.



As a Regular, you can now create posts and replies in all categories without post approval, as you have shown that you know how to make these topics according to forum rules and guidelines.

You can level up to Top Contributor by being active and making frequent, positive contributions to discussions. This level is meant for the best contributors in our community, to acknowledge and reward their dedication to high-quality discussion.

Note: Promotions from Regular --> Top Contributor are on hold until the criteria are updated not to require manual checks from the community.

Additionally, it is possible to be invited to level up directly to Community Editor . The criteria for this are (roughly) that you show exceptional knowledge of forum rules and guidelines, and have consistently high quality posts over the time span that you have been a Regular.

I don’t see anything about Regulars needed Post Approval.

OP clearly meant to say that to be promoted to regular you needed to use post approval. However this is no longer the case of course.

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Ah, I misunderstood what they were trying to say, sorry.

Oh, didn’t see that :sweat_smile:

It literally has a note saying the requirements are currently outdated. Please wait for DevRel to update it.