Post Approval on #Bug-Reports


Currently, members can’t post/report bugs on Bug Reports and they have only a few limited options to actually report a bug there.

  1. Making a Bulletin Board and messaging staff to change its category. (We can’t have a template to a post and we need to copy it from somewhere else.)

  2. Messaging Bug-Reports. (I think it’s ineffective because I reported a bug and didn’t get any response.)

  3. Other “somewhat” complicated options.

It can be complicated for new users to report a bug, so in my opinion, members should get an option to post a bug in #bug-reports that would use a Post Approval system.
It would be much easier for staff and users to report a bug without any problems or long waiting with no response. Of course, this system was removed for some reason, but #bug-reports doesn’t have that many posts like #development-discussion.

Dear Developers and DevForum Staff.
if you think this system is okay, you’re wrong. It should be much easier. This would also end unnecessary questions about how to post a bug or (in some way) ranking up to Regular.

Hope you’re gonna have a nice day!


Ok, first off this is kind of getting daunting. You guys do have the resources to report bugs, you yourself even said that. (You the forgot support method…)

Post Approval was removed because the team was too small for the large amount of reports coming in every day. Rather than dealing with that they cut PA out so they could allow users to directly send it to the Engineering Department. There is no need for members to have access to any regular+ topics because everything we can do you can do too. (Even the lounge just use the DevForum Discord…)

When the Engineers are alerted to a bug the waiting time is the same for everyone. This includes but is not limited to support tickets, DevForum topics, #bulletin-board board topics and DMs.

Personally I think members have it too easy these days. They don’t require half the things anymore like a quiz, trial period, etc. In my opinion it’d weed out those who cannot handle the DevForum yet and allow those who can come in. All you have to do is read for a few hours which isn’t hard… But that’s my personal take on how to avoid questions.


Former PA here. As much as you may demand it, I cannot support bringing back Post Approval as you knew it. It did not scale, it was mentally tiring to all the volunteers who dealt with this.

I want to see a new system but I just cannot support such a request. If you really want to know why PA shouldn’t return, please look at all the previous topics on this point.


Thanks for your response.

I agree with you in some parts, but please keep in mind that Roblox is a multibillion dollar company and the biggest game in the world. There shouldn’t be a situation where staff couldn’t get with posts. I want to also mention that I only suggested #bug-reports the only category with post approval system for members.

I didn’t include Roblox Support because we can all relate to how broken it is.

And yes, Roblox should change the ranking system.

One of the biggest not the biggest. You also have to realize Roblox is free and the majority of the users spend little to no money on Roblox.

All staff receive all reports, whether they do anything about it is up to them and their department.

This would still be a larger amount of reports. Keep in mind some users may report the same thing making it even harder for PA to weed through and find what’s original and such. Not to mention PA usually makes changes and that takes a bit to ask and then edit.

It is a broken system to some extent but they receive it and usually fix it.

Management of the forum is allocated limited resources. This is how a company works. There is not enough budget to employ enough people to sustainably handle PA for the forum forever. Temporary solutions are not solutions. PA requests back in the day were increasing very fast, and were up to 1000+ per month IIRC.

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I understand the frustration, but as many of these other replies have mention it’s not a sustainable method. Ever since the forum was essentially transformed into a different version of the old Roblox Forums a huge influx of users have come for varying different purposes ranging from: trolling, development, etc. I joined soon after the open-access system before the huge influx of people finding out about the forums as I actually wanted to be apart of the forums and actually contribute something unlike some other people. I am still very thankful I became a Regular and understand that right now members have it hard to post Bug Reports but the issue still lies in people not taking the forums as seriously as before. I don’t blame people for cutting off PA as many have mentioned here already it’s just not possible and as sustainable with all the new people arriving with a not-so-serious attitude. You already mentioned yourself some options but even though they aren’t the best they are a method of doing so and you can’t blame people for not replying all the time as sometimes these bugs aren’t anything bug-worthy or they just don’t have the time to do so. I genuinely hope Roblox will think of a way to make these forums as good as they were before as right now it’s becoming a bit of a mess and is discouraging to people to even join or contribute.

Actually, they do respond, but it takes time. I filed a report to them like a week ago and only today it got some attention and was moved to #bug-reports.
PA system would have the same flaw and won’t be effective either - with limited amount of people it takes a while until your post gets attention.

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Hey folks, closing out this thread since we won’t be implementing this particular solution.

We are looking into how we can improve creator feedback flows as a whole to allow everyone to post. We’re investing more resources into this over the next few quarters.

Many thanks for all the discussion here and I encourage you to contribute to the other threads about the issue of not everyone being able to post bugs currently.