Post Approval Still Exists in #collaboration?

Hey there! Many of you know that it is impossible for Members to rank up because Post Approval was removed. What I have noticed is that you still have to let it be approved when posting in #collaboration. This surprised me because I have gone through approval multiple times, so I’ve met that criteria. If you still have to get approved there, why not just bring back automatic rankings?

No, you don’t. There’s a few things wrong with this statement:

Have you? You’ve only posted replies in bug report categories for all of #platform-feedback and its subcategories, meaning you’ve either never went through post approval or all your posts have been deleted/unlisted.

You haven’t met any “criteria.” Discord-triggered links ≠ PA.

PA doesn’t exist in any category, rather, if you post a Discord link in a public category your post will be converted into a private message for review. This means that:

a. You’ve posted Discord links in recruitment/portfolio multiple times, and,
b. This doesn’t count as PA and does not constitute an automatic ranking.

Meaning: Automatic ranking shouldn’t be bought back as PA does not exist in the first place. You’re not going through PA.


It’s likely due to the fact that the forum or a bot is detecting something that might not be helpful or a malicious link like a discord link, this has happened before to me and other users with a post being approved.

I’m guessing this is happening to you when posting in #collaboration?

You could message DET about this concern and for the post to get approved.

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The post approved badge is not given for every post that goes through Post Approval.


I was talking about #collaboration:recruitment. I didn’t know if that counted as a Post Approval or not.

also the post approved badge was removed and it no longer appears on the badges page or peoples profile

cc @M_Caw

This is misinformation- It doesn’t show up in the list of badges, but the badge still exists on a user’s profile and badges page. Where are you getting this info from?

For example, here is loueque’s profile page and badge page:



Notice the, you know, existence of the badge. Not on the collective list of all badges but nonetheless still on your profile/personal badge page.


Wait you can’t rank up past member anymore?

Many of you know it is impossible for members to rank up because Post Approval was removed.

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Yes. If you are a member, there is no current way to rank up.

So does Roblox only allow people to rank up to that at certain periods or is it just closed forever? Also why is it closed in the first place?

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I believe there was an overwhelming amount of requests, and the system was just getting clogged. It is currently closed while @DevEngagementTeam makes a new system.

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I don’t get what you mean by Post Approval…

Is it you posting a reply and it saying “Awaiting Approval”?

Because yesterday I created a post, and it said “Awaiting Approval”. It’s already been over a day, and my post is still awaiting approval. That was the first time I have every had my post “Await Approval”. However my post was in the #development-discussion category, and not the collaboration category.

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Yes. I believe so. I just posted in #development-discussion though, so I don’t know about that.

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Hey, that was perfect timing!

My post literally just got approved :grinning: :rofl:
Still not sure if the Post Approval team actually exists now, because when I check my badges, I don’t have any Post Approved badge?
I think it might just be staff, but there’s a good reason to be curious because really similar scenarios happened with both of our posts within a close time period.

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That is all DevEngagementTeam, not Community Post Approval. Your post likely contained a Discord server invite link so the filter caught it.

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