Post Approval team forgetting about approving posts

I am telling you last time to keep on-topic because you are getting off-topic and rather go in discussion with me, without having any information about PA. In the topic I asked for answer and if it’s a bug, and discussed a little bit of how PA was answering me previously if I was angry with them. And yes, it’s a job. If you would be hired, you know how many hours you must work.

If you don’t know how they work, why do you tell them to do their job better?

What do you mean by this?

They are not. They don’t have a direct line of contact with roblox staff. If something, the sages are the community representatives.

Nope. I know people who just want to browse the forum just for the heck of it. I am one of them and was rewarded with the regular status over a year ago.

You were the one to go OT with him in the first place. You need to calm down and try to change your tone when you talk to people.


PA not working (like in office), but how the (system?) works.

I mean my topics are about people, if they are doing good etc. (‘Are simulators good etc.’, not about game itself [what lobby should include]).

Thanks for answer.

Gratulations, then I was wrong.

No, he started saying about me some crazy stuff and trying me to prove me I am wrong or I am only here for Regular, and want to be ‘disrespectful’ to anyone. Thanks for answers, also don’t tell me about tone because I still remember your tone when talking with people :wink: I am trying to be most respectful but to touch such topics, because I don’t have answers for them.

Don’t personally attack others.

Sorry, what did you just say above?

Wow, buddy, you just disproved every single volunteer everywhere.

What’s the point of helping people for the sake of it if you’re not getting paid? Hell, all I care about is money.

Also, change your tone. You’re getting real aggressive here.


Question about money goes to roblox itself for creating role. Why this topic changed into discussion rather than answering my question?

I am not attacking anyone, would it be happy if someone tells you what to do by internet?

I think it’s logical here I questioned being representative of a community, by fun I said here he’s treating being PA like a game with a child.

Lets stay on topic, if you don’t agree with the post then don’t reply…

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Because, currently many countries have set a lockdown, and more people are playing Roblox and want to join the forum. The current backlog for PA is growing and growing, and they have trouble just keeping up with requests from members in #platform-feedback.

Just, be patient. Mine took up to 1-2 weeks one time, but I was patient. If you go patient as well, then the time will go faster.

You think. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Post Approval members is members who volunteer to be a part of this program. If it is anybody is who a community representative, then it is the members of the @Community_Sage group.

Times are changing, my friend. Because of the pandemic, they need time to review all of it. They have a life too. They are humans. They are not a first-class robot that can do anything in 5 seconds. See my first point.

They are not defending themselves, they are telling facts. The Post Approval team is indeed a community volunteer job, which means they can do it whenever they feel like to. I feel like you were a little disrespectful there.

Wowowow, I have to stop you there. What did you just say? That is very disrespectful.

PA members is working their best when they have time and feel like to do so. Even if your topic doesn’t get reviewed the second it gets submitted, they will still review when they come to it.

Improve your behavior, my friend.

I completely understand that, must users want that. But, as @buildthomas said one time, #discussion topics was declined 90% of the time because it will be either too poorly or make non-sense. Post Approval is great as it is.

If you wanna learn more about why the post approval is taking longer time, I highly recommend reading this post:


Thanks finally for answering my question!

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