Post Approval team forgetting about approving posts

Hello, I just come with quick question. Why I am already waiting 7 days to become my post approved in roblox bugs I would like to report? I think Post Approval must be representatives of forum and talk with people instead of avoiding them. I am sure one year ago I waited 1 day, but one it’s one week. Please stop defending yourself with words ‘it’s voluntary job’, because it’s not answer for my question (that’s how I was answered with previous questions :confused:) . Althought, if it’s job, why aren’t you doing your job? I want to Post Approval team be fixed and bring back prospect of writing topics in Discussion by new members.


Due to the lockdown, more people are on the Forum, thus more posts to approve. That is why is may be taking a little long, but they won’t ignore your post entirely. They’ve just got other posts that were asked for approval before yours.

I understand your concern, but that is no reason to devalue someone’s work, especially volunteering. Please be patient.


Ok few points,

This in my opinion, is very disrespectful. If someone is doing a job for free, it is wrong to complain about how they are doing the job. Of course if you are suggesting we abolish post approval and just make people wait for regular to post in restricted categories thats always a solution, i’m sure post approval would have no problems ignoring your posts if you would rather that.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt on this forum, its that opening #resources to members was the worst decision to ever go down, opening discussion I feel would have similar consequences with members just using it as scripting support

As @TheCarbyneUniverse said, currently due to lockdown their workload has increased, hence the slower response times.

I would also point out, making a good post is going to get your through post approval 10x faster then making a bad one that would require months of adjustments, mainly because post approval are humans and therefor think like humans. If your post is going to take up a lot of their time, its less of a priority.

Now I would be wrong to say I haven’t had disagreements with how post approval works before, i’ve had a fair number of them, but show them at least some respect in your post, they don’t have to give up their time to make the forum a better place, and as I already said, without them you will just have to wait till you have regular to post in restricted categories.


I never think so there are as many points as there was one year ago. Of course more people join, but we can’t forget other poeple also leave, forget about forum or get banned.

For what buildthomas was saying, all his defend was saying ‘it’s volunteer job’. I do respect them for that, they aren’t getting payed, but there are a lot of people that would also do it for free.

No, I never said I have a good post, but we have to wait long time and I don’t think if this will get even accepted or will this get ignored.

Yes, but they can’t just accept random people. They choose people fit for the position and has the right experience. More importantly, people they can trust.


Yes, I do agree. What I meant here is like this job might be kind of enjoyment.

Well i’m sorry life isn’t linear and people get busy There are hundreds of reasons for the backlog, As you said one of the main ones is an influx of new members, but as stated, this is a volunteer job.

If post approval wasn’t a very exclusive group, then there is no point having post approval, for example if you or I were to have post approval then there would be virtually no point in it existing since lower quality posts would get through and many people would not be bothered to go out of their way to improve posts, Currently post approval is amazing, for example @PeZsmistic once went out of their way to replicate my bug, and make a video of it to add to my post, would you rather a fast crappy service, or a slower high quality one.

‘good’ is subjective, i’ve made posts I believed were good which had to go through post approval before, some for reasons I still disagree with, others for more valid reasons. Just be grateful the high bar is maintaining quality of the forums.


We are getting kind of off-topic. I actually agree with what you’ve said. But I don’t think there are more posts. I think Post Approval team should grow and do what volunteers should do. I am saying that because I have 2 posts waiting to be approved for over one week, but for other things, like tagging post approval team, they respond after minutes.

My counterargument to this is, if someone has 10 free hours in their day, do you only expect they want to spend 10 of those hours ‘working’ or some of that time responding to posts they want to discuss?

I don’t disagree with you, i’ve proposed that some top contributors should be offered the role however picking some random members isn’t the solution.

No, of course not. Let’s say there are 3k users that liked someone’s post, which mean there might be 3k users total on devforum. But active users are around 500 and about 20 of Post Approval Team. Solution for this would be hiring 10 more active users. From those active users, 100-200 of them make threads once a week. I think that can mean something. For example, one post approval member takes care of 5 threads a day, so it should work. Of course remember it’s a theory so I can be wrong. Also, I don’t want to attack anyone in this topic but to opine my dissapointment.

Even if you waited for 2 weeks. Why does it matter? Bug posting is for posting bugs, you don’t need to care how long it takes, unless you’re hunting Regular?

Life is moving bud, more people are starting to play Roblox, hence logically more people will be on the Forum.

Why? Go do it then, do it like a full-time job.
PA Members do have life, they have job, they do this only for ‘fun’.

This is so vague that I almost cried… It’s not their job… It’s just their hobby. They are not required to do it.

No, thank you. I can see the disaster if this happened. :slight_smile:

YOU should fix your attitude and be more respectful! This topic is nothing than huge disrespect to PA team out there. So please, fix your attitude.


This is the literal definition of what volunteering is.

Our backlog currently is very bad because the inbox is growing faster than we can currently keep up with it due to life responsibilities (since we are volunteers and are not paid). We will crush it back down sometime soon(?).

This topic is poorly informed and very disrespectful. I will reply more fully when I am not at work.


Just be patient and you post will be approved. Are you replying to the DM to try and bump it up because if you are this will make the approval time much longer. AFAIK the post approval team approves posts with the oldest activity first and work their way through from there. If your post requires minimal edits then the approval times will be much shorter because the team wont have to spend time helping you fix your posts.

I agree and disagree. For a short term solution hiring more users will help improve the approval times, providing the users are fit for the position. However hiring more users wont be a good long term solution because new people can’t be brought in each time their is a huge backlog. Instead work should be done to reduce the current backlog.

I wish members could post in discussion but it wouldn’t work. I can remember buildthomas saying that around 90% of the posts that went through post approval for discussion were instantly declined for being nonsense. If discussion was opened up the category will very quickly loose it’s quality just like the #resources category has.

If you really want to use the discussion category you could easily make discussion topics fit in the #help-and-feedback:game-design-support category instead.

The team aren’t obliged to approve your posts and are only doing it because they care about the forum. You should be grateful they are even approving your posts because the post approval team could be easily removed and the restricted categories locked to Regulars. Making it impossible for members to make posts in platform feedback.


I feel like you don’t understand topic. Please read it twice and don’t quote my words if I have explanation for them 3 seconds later.

I am sorry, topic wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. I am opining my dissapointment for how Post Approval team and when being in argument some of members respond ‘it’s volunterr job’ instead of answering actuall question. Thanks still for answering, so far I find this as a helpful comment for my problem.

No, I understand this more than fully.

You started disrespecting PA, just because they are slow? They have real-life job, other real-life problems to take care of. Their life is not just about PA and Forum.

Disrespect at its finest.


Maybe a better question that would help @kacper532 and something I do like to know even though I think the answer will be obvious.

@PeZsmistic Do people from Post Approval always answer or are there any exceptions?

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Thanks for letting me know. I don’t know how Post Approval work, so I am questioning it.

Yes, I agree with this, but it’s sad 10% of people must feel effects of this, but we can’t do anything about that.

My topics sadly are about people instead, not games.

Yes, as I said Post Approval are representatives of forum?

Well, let me prove you’re wrong and didn’t read all comments and topic carefully. Firstly, I am sure I said 3 times I don’t want to disrespect anyone, but just to opine my dissapointment for how long I gotta wait.

I know this is said with sarcasm, but this was mean. Everyone is hunting for Regular because Regular has more options, so don’t act like you don’t know. By bumping topics I can’t get regular and you must know that.

Please read once again comments.

Fun? Is fun being representative of a community? Read again comments. Full-time job will guarantee you money.

No it’s not hobby. This comment shows how much you know about Post Approval and still discuss about them. Read again comments. If they want to do it when they want, they would lose their job tomorrow. What you said is hillarious.

I have no comment for this, because it’s hillarious.

No? Some people use Forum just for fun, not help and support other devs.

Yes it will, but not the case for PA.

What is it then? A Job? If it would be a job, they would be required to do it x hours daily. They are just group of Forum veterans. They do it to help the community. They are not required to do it.

I see, so disrespecting is hilarious.

Then read your Original Post again and edit it, at its current state, it is disrespectful.

I am not going to argue anymore.