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About Me

I am a 15 year old builder. I’ve been building for about 4 years and I want to come back into development. I can make low poly/realistic maps. I am not a modeller, but I make my own models sometimes. I have very little experience with Blender modelling. I work best at building structures (houses, skyscrapers, etc.) If you are looking for a terrain editor, this is not the best portfolio for you.

My Work

You can view my current work here:


Marine Corps Support Facility

Garden Showcase

Low Poly Terrain Practice

Miscellaneous Builds and Models




FlyHigh Trampoline Park (In Development)


By hiring me for my services, you must acknowledge that:

  • You must provide a very detailed description of what asset you want me to make at the START of discussion.

  • Once there is an idea of payment, you must hold on to that amount.

  • Price may increase after you request for more assets and higher level of detail.

  • The Low-Poly maps may cost less than High-Poly maps, depending on size and level of detail.

  • I will be sending updates as often as I can.

  • I have a tight schedule in terms of “free time”.

  • I will now be creating my own models (e.g. nature landscape)


Because of lockdown, my schedule has freed up and I am able to work 6 hours a day.


Prices are negotiable, I only accept robux. I only accept robux per asset. Group funds are preferred but if you are paying through t-shirt you must be willing to pay tax.

Payment is negotiable. You must have your funds ready before we discuss payment.


Discord: cafran#4846
Twitter: @Cafrano

Thank you for reading! :smile:


i like it your builds are very nice would hire you if i need you


Im interested! I added you my discord is: :sparkles:Just Jenna#1787