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I used to work with Skofall and I loved his work. He’s a fast, reliable and a talented developer. If you’re looking for good quality builds in an affordable price then he’s the guy you’re looking for.


Hey skofall, I’ve reviewed your portfolio, and your work looks great! I’d love to speak with you some more about a possible employment oppertunity.

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Bit annoying to have to go to an extra site only to find that it’s just pictures which you could easily post here.

If you’re linking to a separate website at least add extra detail under each item with their story, the client, the project, maybe even any struggles or revelations, and links to where you can see it in a game. The graphics one is even worse as you have to go to additional websites to see that part of your portfolio.

On mobile it’s particularly disjointed as I have to leave the devforum app, and then use the hamburger menu to access the rest of your portfolio, and then DeviantArt has adverts and a banner trying to get me to install an app, when all I want to see are a few pics of what you can do.

If I were you I’d post pic of the best 3-5 for each type of service here directly in the forum, and then have the links at the bottom if people are interested.

On a different note, I love your simplistic and low poly stuff. Especially the boat. I might need your services for a few boats in that style fairly soon. Also your geometric animals on DeviantArt are really cool.

Keep it up and try to reduce the clicks to get to that stuff from 6 to 1.

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You might want to move all of the photos over to the forum just to make it easier. However, your work does seem nice. May consider hiring you for a project. :smile:

Keep up the good work.

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I really like your portfolio work, it is fantastic. I have sent you a request over on Discord :slight_smile:

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I worked with Skofall on project!
Talented and reliable developer.
Fast worker and hard worker.
You should hire him, if you’re looking for quality work.

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Im happy deviant art didn’t show you a free 500 GB of ram ad!

Yes, i’ll consider doing that next time i upgrade my portofolio :slight_smile:

Thanks, i accepted it like 2 days ago i think :thinking:

Thanks, you made my day :smiley:

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