[OPEN] 2lmu - 3D Modeler

About Me :

Hi there! I am 2lmu known as skofall 17 yrs old, I’ve been developing on roblox for 4 years now, Im a 3D Modeler mainly (3 years experience). I’ve worked on multiple projects some are released and some are yet to be released.

Models :




[Im not limited to only making stuff you see here, i can do more im just showing what i think is my best work.]

[More to be added, my files aren’t organised atm.]


Its summer so i’d say im pretty available, times can be decided in dms.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord:

  • discord: atticus#5454

Thanks for reading! : )


more models are coming to the portofolio also new discord tag: atticus#1000

Very interested, sent contact request, BIG DAWG#1399

Hey! I sent a friend request via discord, rex.#7586. I look forward to speaking with you!

new models have been added - added set prices per asset