Post "Solutions" Idea

I have an Idea for the, what if each post had something where you vote the comment as a solution like this: snip-1

because every post can only be a solution if the creator of the post checks it as a solution, this can be helpful for peoples profiles to have higher counts of solutions, and 50% of the time if you fix something on a post the Creator of the post never checks it as a Solution.

Thoughts on this? should they add it?


This should be in #forum-feedback:forum-features I believe, since it is requesting an idea for the forums.

And wouldn’t you want to suggest this to the platform that this forum uses (Discourse)?

Though I do like this idea.


it would be a great idea but you can post it in feature requests

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I think this feature would be unnecessary; the entire point of marking a reply as a solution is if it solved the issue you were having, not necessarily other people. While it is bad practice to ask a technical question and then completely run away from your topic, a voting system would just overcomplicate things.

If the solution stat means that much to you, you could just DM the OP of a topic and remind them to mark your reply as the solution if it solved their problem.

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Not really, I remember Hooksmith saying one time that DevRel will communicate with Discourse if they need to depending on if they decide to tackle on a specific request and if the request isn’t currently possible.

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I think if people find the solution helpful, a show of likes would do basically the same thing. If the solution isn’t getting likes and other posts are, then that might prompt the reader to check out the other replies.

The goal of posting should be to help, not to boost stats. We already see stat-farming across the forum, especially by regulars, and it greatly hurts the quality of discussion. This kind of mentality is ultimately harmful for the forum, and I would advise DET against adding features to support it.


If it helps you, use the like button. If the creator of the topic doesn’t understand it, explain it to them.

This would only be useful for when the creator of a topic doesn’t mark a post as solution. Maybe there could be a vote solution button, but instead all it does is when you vote, it notifies the creator of the topic that someone voted it to be the solution, so that they can look and see if it works for them again, and mark it themselves too.


The issue of farming is inevitable, you cant do anything to stop it. If you make a post that is vetted by the community for being helpful than its a question of your morality to farm something that other users benefit from. Whenever these kinds of ideas come up its always “chalked off” saying farming will result from it, but how else would it be achieved without farming coming out of it.

Im not a proponent or in favor of farming however you cant do anything else to avoid it. Nothing will be added to the forum without people saying farming will be a consequence we might as well come up with a way to promote positive feedback for making sincere posts and if farming perpetuates from than so be it.

DET should work to stop people from farming stats, not add features to actively encourage it. Threads are also to help OP’s problem, and if others find something helpful that the OP didn’t, then OP’s problem is not “solved” and should not be marked as such.

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Well as long as there is no incentive for your stats and presence to increase from it, if we add solution voting it wont promote farming as much as badges do.

If people make a very helpful post there is as i said before some level of sincereity going into it otherwise people wont upvote it or whatever, and should have more presence.