Poster feedback?

Hi, I recently made this for a friend (its mainly meant to show off the character).

Anyone got any feedback that could help me, it would be appreciated? : )


Imho, the text takes away from how dope the render/character itself is.

Looks awesome though.


alr ty
does this look any better?

n thank you



i think a way to make the text work would be to have it stretch from each side behind the head of the character.
maybe have it blending with the background a bit more.

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ill make sure to try in the future, thanks : )

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Disney’s Brave has a good example of what I’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue:
Although there is a bit more whitespace for the “BRAVE” to go lol.

now i want to make a poster

What’s helping make that work is the fact that her hair color is completely different from the rest of the picture and stands out, thus drawing your eyes right to the center of the picture and to her face. Not saying you can’t so it with @spooky_siro 's render but I think either have something about the character’s face/head stand out, have the text blend in with a background a little so it doesn’t pull your eye away from the character and make it hard to focus on him, or maybe color the text a bit so there’s a clear distinction between the character and the text. Which option looks best may vary by method of implementation, personal preference, and experimentation.


race ya

The render looks great! However the text in the background that says “RHG”, I believe it could possibly have some kind of yellow glow that goes around it, it just feels bland and bold just sitting in the corner of the render as the rest of the render is all shiny and glow like.