Poster icons detail is cut off incorrectly on topic list views

As seen when viewing any topics list where there are 5+ different posters on a thread:

The 5th icon is incorrectly clipped to the next line.

It should look like this: (all 5 icons on a single row)

Occurs across themes without extensions on latest version of Chrome on Win10.


This also occurs on the latest version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 11. Changing themes or the scale of the page doesn’t change anything.

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Can confirm on Win11, Firefox version 99.0.1.


Can confirm this on Chromebook as well.

I’ve actually been encountering this for a while, but I never thought it was a bug until this was posted it.


Yep. Microsoft Edge, Windows 10.

Never noticed it before, now it’s going to piss me off…

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This really doesn’t need 5+ responses with identical screenshots for each platform y’all…

It’s clear that it is occurring cross-browser by now!


Hey @buildthomas, thanks for pointing this out!

We took a look and the fix should be visible now.


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