Posting bugs is tedious

As a Roblox developer, reporting bugs involves more steps than necessary.
Before the bug report wizard, I was able to post an issue I was having relatively quickly by making a simple post.
Now I have to navigate to a bug category just to find a button to open the submit bugs wizard, where I have to go through multiple different steps and pages.
Clicking the wrong button sometimes turns your bug report into a private message, causing you to have to repost the whole bug again.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, developers would have less of a mental block when trying to give platform feedback.

This can be as easy as adding a button to open a new bug report next to the “New Topic” button on the main DevForum categories.
Making the bug report wizard a one-page forum would also help a great deal.


This 100%. While I do see the reasoning behind why the wizard was put in place, the users who currently have access to the bug reports category for the majority part can follow templates. If there is an issue that needs to be DMed directly to engineers, you can make a clickable link that opens a message composer to that group.


Thanks for the feedback!

Reiterating the response on the other thread. We’ll be looking into minimizing this down so we request as little information as possible while still being able to triage, reproduce and resolve the issues effectively.

We’re also looking in reducing the amount of context switching needed, possibly by not requiring navigation to the devforum first before you can report an issue.


Hey @Usering let me know if the latest updates alleviate some of the problems here.


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