Posts Randomly Disappearing? (Without moderator PM or system PM)

This answers some questions, but I don’t have anything like this in my inbox???

Thats weird. One thing I can add to this is that I didn’t know who or what had moved my posts to a private discussion; I only found out because a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of the name of the person that did it, which for some reason appeared on their notifications, but not mine, even though MY post was at the very top of this new private discussion. Thats when I sent that person a DM and they explained this to me. Apparently they are also monitoring DMs, as they linked one in their response.
I really dont know if this helps but it’s what happened to me.

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Interesting, though I can’t seem to find any private discussion or any sort

This may be a discourse issue. Since you aren’t even seeing that the post has been flagged. That’s the only thing I can think of.

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Perhaps, though I really don’t know why this is happening

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Other than that, I think that you’d be seeing some evidence. If you ever witness it again, maybe check every few minutes to see if there’s a flagged message on the post.

Yes, every time I have gotten my posts flagged I get a system PM, and a staff follow up PM explaining what I did wrong,

but not any of these times

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Sometimes if a post is too criticizing about Roblox or the DevForum, it may get secretly deleted by a moderator. Though there’s probably other reasons why they do this.

I made a post once that criticized Rthro and also said that Roblox was likely overusing it’s catalog budget by making both Rthro avatars and the other accessories on the catalog.

Forcing them to give up making accessories for the catalog aside from event items and Rthro content.

Because of this, the UGC program was created since Roblox didn’t have the budget to keep making everything.

Considing that Rthro avatars are harder to make than hats or gear items, there was a good chance I was on point about the situation.

The next day, I went back to see if my post got any traction. But I couldn’t find it anywhere and got no notification about it’s removal at all.

Then I realized a moderator likely removed it secretly so Rthro wouldn’t get so much hate considering the fact that the thread I posted on was popular and was also available to the public.

So I assume there is some secret censorship on the DevForum where posts that are too negative get removed without the poster’s knowledge, but it’s likely very rare for this to happen.

Otherwise there’d be tons of people wondering where their posts are.

Is this the topic you are talking about?

At a glance it looks like the deleted posts made by your account were self-deleted, so it looks like you retracted the posts. Feel free to drop @DevEngagementTeam a message and they can look into it more.

Our teams wouldn’t delete critical developer feedback just because it is critical – we care about all feedback so we can build the best features for you folks. Your post was likely removed because of breaking one of the forum rules. You should have gotten feedback on it, so if you did not, it might be worth reaching out to @DevEngagementTeam so they can get to the bottom of it.


staff should never secretly delete anyone’s posts, and to be frank when they do they don’t even read what you even said.

I got my topic deleted in this very category for a reason that doesn’t even apply to my post because the person didn’t even read it properly, while yes they responded before deleting it, I messaged them back and got no response, I also got messaged by another DET member telling me my post was removed, never got a response from them either lol

I don’t think they intentionally don’t respond. If you receive feedback from DET, your priority should be to validate your actions and the feedback itself before asking questions. I wouldn’t assume they’d poke their noses in our inquiries because, frankly, they don’t have time for it. I also don’t believe they have to read through topics top-bottom to remove it. Using general sense and forum rules, they can do so. Mistakes happen from time to time; we just have to accept that. Though, I’d appreciate if they do respond.

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It was kind of clear from the title and the start of the post that it wasn’t a duplicate, and yes mistakes can happen but they should at least respond lol

Sorry for the late reply, yes I admit, I deleted some of the posts on my portfolio, but the post I am talking about was not deleted by me, also another person who posted on my portfolio also randomly got their post deleted, and he had no intention to delete it, this is getting weird.

It might be moderated, but is glitching out, or I have seen where people will get hacked into, but won’t lose their account, and there are not many signs of being hacked.

probably not hacked, at this point it’s either a staff member being lazy, or a bug

Normally it is a bot that moderates stuff like that.

The bot sends you a PM by the name System, but when people’s posts are disappearing they don’t receive anything notifying them of it.

I sent you a message with more info, hopefully that refreshes your memory and solves your question. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for this, but unfortunately none of the messages were the ones that disappeared, and I take full responsibility for the ones I deleted, but once again, not the one that disappeared.

Solved, thank you all for helping :grinning: have a wonderful day