prTESTAQ Terrain, User Interface Designer, Programmer, Logo Designer, and Realistic Lighting (Open)

About Myself

Hi I am a terrain builder/scripter/UI designer/Logo Designer/Lighting Artist that uses roblox’s terrain editing tools if you are wondering no I do not use blender. I will only do commissions for whoever I think can be trusted, has a good work ethic, and can reply to me on discord without delay will be the person that I work for

My Work



Note: Tree model not by me




What I can currently script

  • Tweening UI

  • Scripting open and close buttons for UI

More to come soon



He meant to say UI :joy: (The comment above this)


Prices are negotiable and I will not agree to take a percent of the game’s future revenue I will only take a fixed payment, and then if possible I will take a % of the robux earned but I will probably just take a one time payment

I live in the CST or to be more specific Texas, I try to work on weekdays, but I don’t get much done
the best times for me are Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

Payment Methods
Payment is able to be negotiated my preferred payment method is group funds

Discord is ImjustaStufful#5873


Please contact me.


Sent a request please accept so that we can talk. ok… haven’t heard from you in like 5 months so… goodbye

Attention everyone I am still open to commissions so please don’t hesitate to ask for my services if you see that someone else has already posted on my portfolio you will know when I am not accepting commissions anymore when the (Open) sign on my portfolio turns to (Closed) also you don’t have to hire me I always appreciate feedback on my builds so just comment what you think, thank you for reading.

I’d recommend making it more lively. As in adding more stuff to your examples because something like a single arch with the sun going through it looks nice but doesn’t show much.

Thanks for your feedback I didn’t want to add too much detail though I will try to improve in the future!

Edit: Improved, take a look now, @GoblinSage
added many more examples and I am experienced in many more fields

Not trying to be rude or anything but if you want to criticize my work please do it in a constructive manner for example tell me what you are “Not impressed with” also please don’t judge people’s work like this:

I don’t know what to give constructive criticism on if you haven’t shown us any work that isn’t a few terrain scribbles on an empty baseplate.

Have you undertook any large projects that you’re proud of? What have other people said about your work? I would include those things on your portfolio.

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I have worked for one person before though his account is not old enough to post on topics though when it does become that old he will post a review of how I did, edit: I have a review now. sorry if it seems a little small now I promise it will get better. edit 2: I have a much better example now and I am experienced in a lot more fields

Just added another example, it’s a floating island I will add more examples later I am sorry if it may seem as if I don’t have enough examples but I promise I’m trying to add more to my portfolio everyday.

Just wanted to say that prTESTAQ is a really great terrain artist, as I have been very impressed by there skill and enthusiasm! I’d totally recommend prTESTAQ.

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Thank you so much I love working with you

Hello everyone! I am back, and I have improved, to kick off school I am doing one small commission I hope I get hired thanks everyone!

Nvm everyone something came up for me sorry

Take a look at my portfolio now do you have a change of opinion? :smile:

The trees you used are free models try not to use free models and sell it.

I know I used them bc I was kind of bad at that time but I am much better now!

I suggest not using water but a waterfall plugin to make the water fall.

I know those are old pics please take a look at the pic at the bottom.

He wasn’t trying to sell the trees, he just wanted to show how it would look with trees.

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Yes, without trees it looks a little bland and as you all know I am not a modeler so I just pulled up a tree model and implanted it so that my work would not look as bland

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