Potato PC Mode Setting. What are the best things to disable to help gain more FPS?

My goal is to make a Potato PC/Laptop setting to disable most things that can cause lag.

My question is
Do SurfaceApperances, ParticleEmitters, Beams, Trails or Textures cause enough lag to notice a difference if disabled on the client?

Also, what would be best things to “Disable” for a Potato PC setting?

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Particles can be very laggy to some people, the rest I’m not too sure about.

The best things to disable would be:

  • Shadows
  • Decoration on grass
  • ParticleEmitters
  • Client-Sided moving parts (That are unecessary)

Best thing to do is disable anything visual related (as stated above shadows, particles, etc) but also make sure to remove textures and unload parts of the map if you want to go that far. If everything visual related is disabled and people stil lag then its most likely a problem in the game (some model that is extremely high in tris or something like a memory leak).