Potential broken dragging alignment behaviour

Normally, when dragging parts, multiple parts, or models, they would always align with the angle of whatever object or plane you’re dragging them across.

But recently this week, I’ve noticed something odd that is now really annoying me and impacting my work to an insane degree,

Shown here, I was trying to align a new road assembly with the old one because I was going to replace them, except it just wouldn’t align at all, it kept its initial angle (it’s not even a 90 degree angle, so it’s not like it’s “defaulting”). It wouldn’t even change at all when I started dragging it all along that jaggy rock face.

What the heck is going on?

I haven’t touched any settings whatsoever regarding dragging behaviour.
I’ve rolled back to older studio versions (Via Roblox Studio Mod Manager) to see if an update did anything, yet this behaviour persisted into those!

This could be a potential bug, but as a member I’m crud out of luck if I really wanted to report this as a bug.

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Try grouping the parts and see if the same behavior occurs

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Already did that.

I also switched the global axis around (The thing that changes if drag handles are Local or Global) and that does nothing, plus it didn’t affect drag alignment beforehand.

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Maybe you can try grouping the parts and setting a primary part?

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Nope, not a solution either.

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Note: Deleting Studio and Reinstalling it did absolutely nothing to fix this, same goes for restarting my computer.


Edit: Okay so apparently this stupid option is a thing, and I must have accidentally clicked it when I was mad struggling when building; Studio interpreting me right clicking to move the camera while I was dragging something as a right click to open the context menu, and then everything just freaked out.

Must’ve clicked it when I was clicking everywhere trying to make a part stop dragging and the camera stop moving without any input since it got cut off by the context menu just popping in to say hello as I mentioned earlier.

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I assumed that you tried that option already and I didn’t ask.

Oh well I’m glad you fixed your issue lol

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