(potential) Bug on the about section of the forum

Hi! I realized that people that don’t seem to be staff members at Roblox are still on the about section. This specific user has been on this page since before the 8th of November.

info (screenshots not loading)

The screenshots do not seem to be working at the moment of this upload, so please go check it out for yourself (sorry!).

If you look closely, you can see that there is a person on the list of administrators that seems to be a string of random letters. This person seems like a regular player on Roblox and might need to be taken off of the list of workers. you can find a direct link to their profile below.

wahhhhhdsafasfds - Roblox

If this is an employee, I am terribly sorry. please let me know.


They probably work at Roblox, and chose that username when they signed up for their job. For example, the staff member NotARobloxEngineer :wink:

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He does not have the Roblox Admin badge

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Roblox employees doesn’t need the Roblox badge on their profile as it is optional, just like joining the “Official Roblox Group” that does not feature all of employees from the corporation.

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There are people like contractors who work to moderate the forum, but aren’t directly working at Roblox HQ for example (like DevRel employees, etc)

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This is resolved, thanks for letting us know. It was a staff member account but not dressed up correctly to appear like one.