Potential Bug: Player Clipping & Attachments Misbehaving

Here is the setup I’ve used for a completely functional spinning platform.

Note that the positions of the attachments are both at (0, 0, 0).

The issue arrives when I set both attachment Positions to (0, -0.5, 0). At this point when I play the game, I can briefly clip into the platform after jumping. I’ve also switched the CylindricalConstraint in for a HingeConstraint and experienced the same clipping. Here’s a video showcasing the behavior:

It’s important for me to note that this only happens when the spinner is client-side. The spinner works just fine on the server. Additionally, when I modify the Position to (0, -0.5, 0) in-game it does not cause clipping either. It only happens when I edit the values in Studio.

Another strange thing to note is that when I set the Positions back to (0, 0, 0) in Studio after setting them to (0, -0.5, 0), the spinner will continue to exhibit this clipping behavior (unless I completely replace the attachments).

This is a serious issue for not just me, but an entire community for Juke’s Towers of Hell. This bug, to some extent, renders the game unplayable (it’s an obby game).

None of us can post a bug report so if any of you guys think this is truly a bug, then help us out and submit a report! Otherwise, any suggestions/help is appreciated.

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Seems to be fixed now. Nothing was changed on my end so I’m assuming something was done on Roblox’s side.

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