(Potential bug?) Seat animation does weird spasm and stops

This script worked a week ago however it no longer works as intended.

Quite a simple problem, the animations which are used when the player sits down suddenly stopped working, none of the seats play animations anymore, some seats even make the character do weird jerking motions, yes the animations priority is set as Action

Server Script

local AnimationID = 12709030298
local Seat = script.Parent

	local Occupant = Seat.Occupant
	if Occupant then
		local Animator = Occupant:FindFirstChildOfClass("Animator")
		if Animator then
			local AnimationInstance = Instance.new("Animation")
			AnimationInstance.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://"..AnimationID

			local Track = Animator:LoadAnimation(AnimationInstance)
			Track.Looped = true

			local function StopPlayingThread (PlayingTrack)
				return function ()

Roblox made an update to animation blending perhaps thats the issue.

This script seem to replicate that, I suggest trying it out.

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Im aware of the BlendFix issues, but the script was still working even after this update, it only stopped working about a week ago, so I doubt its this issue, however, im going to try and set the animation to Action4 and see if that works

Okay, so the animations don’t spasm in the actual game place? (Yes, this was just published, not an older version)

Could someone explain to me how i’d fix this so it would work in studio?

You shouldn’t make the animation upon sitting, it should be a loaded animation before you sit, and it would only load once per character.