Potential Dislike Botting on Game?

Hello, I have a game titled “when the” (when the - Roblox)

My game has historically maintained a near constant like/dislike ratio since December 2023 with around 15-20 dislikes a day. Starting 2 weeks ago (26 June), however, this suddenly spiked to around 65-85 dislikes a day for no discernible reason. This has been an ongoing trend since then and I have not been able to identify a single cause to this:

  • No game update that could have sparked such change was released on that day, nor has there been any impactful bug, glitch, hack, or event

  • Once every day for several days, I hopped through every server in the game and polled everyone on what they generally thought about the game and if they had any issues. The grand majority mentioned that they had no issues at all, and for the ones that did express problems (maybe 3-4 people per day on average) it was in no way close to matching the rate of dislikes to the game.

  • There has been no significant change in the quantity of people that play the game

  • The only plausible theory I came up for this is that a large Taiwanese YouTuber played the game the same day the trend started, which did add a significant Taiwanese player-base to the game. However, since the increased amount of dislikes seem to happen throughout the 24 hours and Taiwanese reception of the game is generally positive (as gathered from the multiple servers I joined with them), this cannot help explain the trend.

For these reasons, the only plausible explanation I have to this is that someone may be manually botting the game, but again this is speculation. The dislikes seem very dispersed throughout the 24-hour period and they seem a bit natural for it to be botted. Do note that as aforementioned, the game rating has been stable before this sudden and drastic drop.

I have never experienced this or even witness this happen in a game before so as such I’m a bit lost on what could be done or if Roblox could be of any help. If anyone has any ideas or advice, duly let me know. Thank you.

Graphs for Like Percentage & daily Likes/Dislikes provided for elaboration



Well, according to some topics I’ve came across, you could host a in-game feedback survey to gauge the number of people which leave positive/negative feedback, and compare the ratio with the current like-dislike ratio

I heard that the Support also has the ability to remove botted dislikes, but it takes 1-2 months to do so (a miracle if they even bother to answer)

Like vapour said, you could make a survey, but, make it pop-up for the first time playing, or everytime the players join (with an option to disable it, of course). You could also track player’s data, like, detect if the player who disliked the game is from a specific country, and their account age. I have seen the new description of the game; v1.1.6 (15/July/24):

For the in-game playerbase to read: If you are playing this game to talk about or show off weird stuff (mostly inappropriate or shock things), please reconsider. This is a uniquely American problem, I don’t know how people in America are taught like this as any other server or group of people (Latin Americans, Europe, Asian, etc) are not like this. This game’s humor is Latin American by heart. It is not for everyone.

(European perspective, I’m from Spain)
In Spain, it’s a weird mix, as where I grew up offensive and taboo humor is everywhere.

In the 2020’s, Europe’s humor started to shift to more, child-friendly, white humor. This could be because of new politics, or just shifts in culture… Also, maybe the players are the problem, as this is the average chat;
Captura de pantalla 2024-07-15 202020
and also… inappropiate themes like;
Captura de pantalla 2024-07-15 202119.

Overly, I think it’s because the game can be seen as offensive. For me, it’s fine, but, for other people, probably it isn’t. Take for example the Korea map; North Korea vs. South Korea is a weird theme, or using real disasters is offensive, like using the Blimp disaster, or, even a lot of sexual stuff, like the “Love Tunnel”. It is more sexual than the true intentions. The map also is… strange, to say the least. The top of the Love Tunnel is strange;

Captura de pantalla 2024-07-15 202922

Copyrighted material is also strange, and, the avatars are also problems. Most of them are… strange, like a maid boyfriend, or an Ice SPICE avatar with the thing Kai Cenat loves seeing.

Can’t even stay still for a second without someone Gojo’ing me

The Peruvians have joined the server :V disaster could be offensive, as they all are named “Miguel” or “Pablo” or “Daniel”.

Maybe is the first impressions. Maybe, the players ragequit. Gameplay is also strange.

Love your game, @Cadentopia, y no se porqué lo he escrito en inglés.