Potential Scammer | its_FrostDev/Frost_Developer

About the situation
Hello, I work for xTre_yy at Crypto Simulator and a1xex, I and other devs have been making this simulator and it was recently stolen by a person who claims they are a “developer” however they stole the game and sold it to someone to sell,

The user who has stolen the assets

Frost_Developer#1000 aka its_FrostDev claims he is a developer however recently has stolen assets and I believe not only from us…

Proof of selling the stolen game


The links that “Frost_Developer” sent:
Clciking Sim - Roblox

Ro Devs Sell - Roblox

The main game link (you can find the group from this)

Crypto Simulator [BETA) - Roblox

Its_FrostDev’s group
Avelion Academy - Roblox

Crypto Simulator Group
Innovative Industries. - Roblox

Additional Evidence

As we see in this bottom picture, xTre_yy did NOT pay its_FrostDev because we did not use his assets in the game, he then stole it and sold it because he wasn’t paid, his assets where NOT used ingame.


So pretty much this user is a threat to your game, please be careful who you hire and do stay safe, this post is just a warning for you all that Frost_Developer is not a trustable developer. There is also proof that this user sold stolen assets to others, If you would like more proof please DM me at Timmyy#6503