Potentially banned food name?

Ok, so quick question,

Im working on a cooking game, and i’m sure you understand that on animals, specifically chicken in my case different parts of the chicken have very different properties.

So its quite important that the game contains chicken breast, its rather common In chicken based dishes, and obviously chicken is a common ingredient, However reckon I would actually be allowed to call an item ‘Chicken breast?’.

Ohh, tough one.
Could you call it chicken chest? Not correct but it shouldn’t cause any confusion or censorship issues.

Thats actually a very nice backup option if this is thought unnaceptable! thanks!

When uploading the icon I wasn’t paying attention and the icon file was named ‘Chicken-breast’ and roblox passed it as acceptable, however it did scare the life out of me so I changed the name quickly. Would this be enough clarification its allowed?

This one is a bit confusing at first, since in the real world you are talking about a chicken specifically for cooking and stuff, but others might take it a wrong turn into the worst, as people might find this a way to bypass something in the future.

I guess you can call them “Chicken Brisket” as it sounds appropriate for a young audience and doesn’t include “breast” in it.

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Once again another good alternative, but given brisket is actually used in dishes, and as far as im aware chicken chest isn’t, I prefer the sound of chest as a replacement.

Honestly, at least from my perspective chicken breast is a fairly childlike term, ive been ordering chicken breast since I was like 4 and I only learnt what part of the chicken it actually was last year and im 15, however thats just my opinion.

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I think its fine its not inappropriate its just a part of the chicken.


It’s an everyday term. You can find it in your local store or restaurant. I think you’ll be fine.