Power n Chill Help Guide

This is the getting started guide, if you need more help please visit the game wiki

Getting Started

Power n Chill is about building a power and mining network to make lots of money.

Basic Usage
PLACING BUILDINGS: To place a building LEFT CLICK it in the building list and then LEFT CLICK on the map where you want it.


MOVING THE CAMERA: To move the camera press the W A S D keys. W will move you left, D will move you right, etc

First Steps

On the left is the available buildings you can place. At the start all you can place is a Wind Turbine which costs $1 to place. Place down 2 of them onto the map. The wind turbines at the start have a life span of 10 seconds and produce 0.15 power each second. So therefore a wind turbine that costs $1 will produce $1.50 .

After the first 2 wind turbines have finished you will see that you now have 3 power. To convert this into $3 simply press the SELL POWER button at the top left of the screen.

Now place 3 wind turbines down on the map and wait until they are finished. Sell that power and repeat this process until you have $15 . At this stage you can afford a nice upgrade for the Wind Turbine that doubles its life to 20 seconds. This will mean over the life of the Wind Turbine it will produce $3 instead of $1.50 and require you to click less. Go to the upgrades page by clicking the button up the TOP RIGHT of the screen. Purchase the Wind Turbine Life upgrade for $12 and click the X button to close the Upgrades window.

Now place 3 wind turbines on the map and continue the placing and selling process until you have $210 . At this point you can afford the Research Lab, go to the RESEARCH page by clicking the button up the TOP RIGHT of the screen. Purchase the research lab upgrade for $100. This is the only research item that can be bought with money, the rest require research. Close the research window.

Place down one Research Lab that costs $100, it will start producing research for you immediately and will continue to do so until you remove it. Once you have 100 research you can purchase the Wind Turbine Manager, this will automatically replace your Wind Turbines when they die so you don’t have to click so much. At this point you have an automated power system up and running, place as many Wind Turbines and Research Labs as you want you are now on your way to becoming a pro player!