Power Simulator might change name [Moved]

Please Read Before Contacting

Job Recruitment

1. Need to be proffesional

2. Need to know how to script a shop

About Us

Hi there! I am a developer now working on a small upcoming game. We’re looking for builders who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Power Simulaotor!

The Team
@lovrekingg7 - Builder/Ui Designer
@username - Scripter
@username - Builder
@ Rixzty - Mananger

About The Job

I Am looking for someone that can join my team for new game!


Payment will be given when game releases so there is not pay right now!

Scripter - (30%)
Ui Designer - (20%)
GFX - (25%)
Builder - (25%)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: lovreking#6039
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Might change name

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Isn’t there all ready a power sim? :thinking:

idk really i might change name

Interested in the GFX position! Hit me up on discord: TipsArt#9492

I do think @DisorientedProtocol would be a great choose for this. :123:

Pro Tip:

Not to bash you in any way, shape, or form; but first impressions last, and take that into consideration.

If you are trying to get developers, make your post look attractive. Have some ideas already in mind. Keep your post nice and organized, and attractive because I know for some people, organization makes or breaks the bond. Also, before you post anything, double check everything, even if you think you’re right, because if you can’t take the time to check-over everything, why would your developers wanna work for you, if they had the impression your lazy?

Best of luck with your simulator,

Scripter & UI Designer


so you want to be scripter for game?

Unfortunately, time does not allow for me to become a scripter; I’m just making a few suggestions for you, and your future endeavours.

Best of luck!

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You should maybe make the payment of Builder higher due to that they’re a really important part of the game because otherwise there isn’t a game. GFX Designers should get 20 while Builders get around 25 or 30%.

we have discord group so we are changing it

UHhh… just in case you are looking for someone to make you music I am here.

Uhh, why are the percentages so high? A GFX shouldn’t really be getting a percentage, (unless its vitallll to the game), and even if it did need one it shouldn’t be more than 5%. Good luck on your game!

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