Power Simulator Update 2 Log

New items:

  1. Added Baro’s Scavenger Hunt quest!
  2. Added new Seeker skill
  3. Added Storm timer, MUCH bigger event coming!
  4. Numerous bug fixes
  5. Powerful Vortex Skill gamepass
  6. 100M PF Library training area


  1. 5T Sea Mines PP training area
  2. 10T Thermal Vents Endurance training area
  3. 10T Kelp Forest PF training area
  4. Tide Master lair and PvP side quests
  5. Bubble City, (might add some content here later)
  6. New, quick, and long range Trident Skill

IT SHOULD BE NOTED: For the quest, say you have a goal of 100, you do not need to kill 100 players. You need to kill players with a total of 100 rep, for example, killing a player with 10 or -10 rep will give you 10 progress points.

8/14 Bug Fixes and Delay Due to the recent server issues that Roblox has been experiencing (as I’m sure you have as well), we have decided to delay the event by 24 hours. The event will now take place on Friday the 16th at 1PM EST (10 AM PST) barring more issues with the Roblox servers. These same server issues have been causing load problems due to players having astronomically high ping. In this shutdown, we have made some changes that should reduce this phenomenon.

8/23 New Content & Bugfixes Hey! We hope you are enjoying Atlantis. Tonight we are pushing an update with some highly requested features and bug fixes. We’ve been working hard to get the next big update out to you guys so stay tuned!

  • Shield Customization (In the second page of settings, requires the shield color gamepass. If you already have the gamepass you can jump right in!)
  • Keybinds (Click on the key in the skills menu to change the keybind)


  • Shield Color Saving
  • Server Sync issues (was impacting VIP on some servers)
  • Dead people everywhere (hilarious, but they gotta go) We can’t wait to see what crazy and cool shield customizations you come up with. Hope you all enjoy! https://gyazo.com/dcff69be649ca4450272f927e11e07b6

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