PPSH-41 Model Feedback

I made this ppsh-41 model in around 3-4 hours.

Feedback is appreciated!


The trigger guard looks very thin and the stock is bizarre. The sights look very weird when they’re blocky as well.

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I am aware of the iron sights being blocky. I am not that good making smooth iron sights. But thanks for the feedback!

Overall, the entire build is very blocky. Try to make use of more unions and cylinders. The gun’s stock could also use more curves (Blender would be best for things like this) and the gun’s iron sights (as mentioned above) are extremely large. The barrel also needs more detail and a brighter color and is lacking the grooves seen in the Real Life gun.

I have to agree with @PunkKidXXII and @PhoenixCraft99, the build seems pretty blocky. It honestly looks like something you would find in a post apocalyptic 2013 game. Also, I’ve noticed a flaw with the handle:
Besides that, it looks like a decent build. Just make sure to put all of these suggestions into consideration.

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to improve with this feedback

ah yes, a fellow soviet comrade.

Nice build, could use some upgrading though!

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