Practice Game Icon

Hey Developer And Devforum Members. Today I am presenting a practice icon I made. And feedbacks are welcome !


The Artwork




Thanks For Spending Your Precious Time Reading This !


Well for starters the picture is way too bright, Also the fire kind of feels out of place I mean why is it there?
One last thing turns down the motion blur it is too much.
Sorry if it was a bit harsh I hope this helps.

Yep that definitely helped ty will ty to improve next time

I Love The Colors! Just Add A Little More With The Click Buttons And It Will Look A TON Better.!

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Your a very talented person! It looks like it could be a simulator Icon.


Bright colors are eye-catchy on the search pages, so I think its fine.

I think it looks great way to go!

tysm much glad u appreciate it

yea i am making practice works do i can improve

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ty i will try to improve next time

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