Practicing Terrain Day 5

Hey guys its day 5!! If you haven’t seen Practicing Terrain Day 4 go and check it out and leave some feedback!!!

Today I decided to go easy today since I had a lot of homework. I wasn’t trying to over work myself. I practiced making a river and made 2 lakes but with 2 different techniques. I also tried to experiment different colors for the terrain

Here it is:

They kind of look the same though, but which one do you think is better?


I tried to go for a curvy look on the river tell me what you think!


River Face

I think the river face one is better.

The curves look too unnatural. Maybe lessen the waviness of it?


To be completely honest, this looks a bit plain. Here are some things I would change/add:

  • Add some bumpiness to the terrain, the terrain you currently have seems kind of flat.

  • Add some sand to the waters’ edge.

  • Add some trees, rocks, etc.

  • Move the smaller pond to a different location.

Hope this helps! :smiley:


I was just trying to practice making the river and ponds, but that’s good information! Thank you!

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I think the river is a bit strange because a river irl usually doesn’t form like that without a slope it’s just gonna bunch up into a pond