Prank Virus Game

Hello Developers, I recently came across a game that caught my eye. It’s a prank virus game that for some reason makes the pc give this warn:

I’m not completely sure if this is done by scripting, but I was thinking it could probably have been done with HTTP Service, but I’m not sure. If anyone has an idea on how to make this, please leave a reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Game link (is not actually a virus):


Its something to do with audio which makes windows defender think theres a virus. Video about it:
Roblox Game gives COMPUTER VIRUS - YouTube


Yeah; There is most likely a music asset id inside of there with some shady code at the bottom of the file which makes windows defender detect the game.

I downloaded some of these assets given to me by individuals and inspected them, my experiences with these games and “viruses” are just malicious text at the bottom of a file, Now this code ins’t executed or even handled, so it doesn’t do anything; But windows scans the file and sees the malicious text;

This is alot like the “discord image virus”, where it’d do nothing but there is a virus popping up.

I just tested out that ‘EXPERIENCE’ but It didn’t happened.
If that is true, Its should be GUI of game and not part of windows operation system.

I believe this is a case of an audio being bypassed in which also triggers a false positive to your Window’s anti-virus. I have no idea how this was done or how to even replicate it.

I’ve tried multiple times to make a bug report for this through @Bug-Support, but I haven’t succeeded in being able to make one. As far as I know, this is a false positive but because it still poses a potential risk in the instance that you never know if it’s false or not until later, I haven’t been able to play a game I enjoy because of this.

Even if it isn’t a big deal, this shouldn’t even be happening anyway? This is something that needs to be fixed by ROBLOX so people won’t have to worry about this stuff, atleast not as much, later on.

Would you be willing to link the audios that trigger the virus warning? Someone needs to make a bug report regarding this issue so it can be resolved.

From what I’ve been told, audios like these have code in them that, when played, trigger a windows defender notification on your computer. Stuff like audio that plays in-game gets downloaded through the client and gets downloaded in the http sub-folder in your ROBLOX folder, so Windows Defender will immediately pick up on it and treat it as a “TrojanDownloader:HTML/Adodb.gen!A” virus.