Preapprove public Library models to prevent botting and malicious models

Recently, I’ve been browsing the “Recently updated” category on the library and I’ve realized that almost every model I could browse through seems to have been uploaded by a bot account.

Problem is that people sometimes fall for these (no doubt) and they could get their account stolen, or such
I’m quite sure almost all the recent models in this category are made by bots, models that could contain stuff that would put the user in risk.

My idea is that free models should be “held back”, before being free, meaning that they would be hidden in the library.
This models should be checked more strictly, for example:

Check the user account for suspicious activity, things like join date, character appearance, etc.
Check the model thumbnail or title for any suspicious activity (oftentimes they are called “KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE”, for example.)

I believe this would make a much better moderation system, avoiding botted models containing viruses and other malicious things.