Precision - An obby that requires precision

Hello, recently I’ve been working on a game called Precision. It’s a very difficult obby that requires a lot of patience, precision and perseverance.

Here it is:

(the like to dislike ratio is pretty bad because it’s an obby and people get mad)

As of right now there are only 30 stages, but they’re very hard.
Here are some stage previews:


i think i’ve been abusing moving platforms

Feedback and tips are appreciated and I hope you like it.

edit: there are now 30 stages


I never thought an obby could be so breathtaking! :relaxed:

I really don’t like how animations can help kill you by moving your foot into a killbrick, that makes it very annoying. Yes, it makes it require precision more, but this is where it starts to feel unfair to the player. I suggest you make it so animations don’t get the player killed.

I also think you could do something better than briefly moving the player to a checkpoint when they touch it. A cool yet mild effect would be better.

In short, I love the feeling it gives. The only problem I see is that its hard to impossible depending on your animation pack.


I personally get really frustrated lol!

The thing is, parts of my body don’t even touch the parts and then I die. What do you use to detect the player?


This obby looks awesome!

This game looks amazing, as well as the builds looks exquisite. The name in my opinion goes with the obby style and the way to obby is shaped.

Once again, looks amazing!

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@GalaxyGourmet New servers should now have all animations set to default. I’ll try to look into what kind of effects I can do with checkpoints, thanks for the feedback!

@Aiden_12114 Thanks for the feedback, I use a Touched event on the client for all the killbricks. Do you have any kind of video that shows you dying despite none of your body parts touching any killbricks?

@BenVintro Thanks for the kind words!


Thank you for making this amazing game!

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Wow, this is the easiest obby I think I’ve ever played, took me like 2 minutes to complete and only died twice m. This needs to be harder since while roblox has a young audience they are not toddlers!

Rager obby is a lot better!

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thanks for the roux though


Please do not use photoshop to try and make it look like I cheated!

Just because I found your obby easy doesn’t mean you need to try and make it look like it wasn’t, you need to take my feeedback and make it harder!

It’s so obviosuly fake! Look even the dates are wrong!


Have you added an anti-exploit system?

Just to be safe so people don’t use exploit menu’s to cheat.


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I haven’t, and I’m not sure if I will. I don’t really care if people cheat to get to the end, they just ruined the experience for themselves.

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True, I guess people can just ruin the experience.

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It was pretty easy. I finished all 20 levels in about an hour. You’ll definitely need to be precise and be able to think outside of the box on a couple jumps but all in all, nice job. This was my first time trying an R15 obby and my animation definitely presented a challenge but it was unique and interesting - nice touch.

As far as feedback is concerned: Add a spectate button! There was definitely a few moments when I was getting frustrated with my current stage and I wanted to take a break by spectating a few other players, but I couldn’t. Lastly, the little animation that plays when you reach a new stage. It was quite annoying being “frozen” for almost a second when I touched a spawn, especially considering the fact that on some of the stages, they’re on a moving platform and you’ll need to act fast… but you can’t.

Overall, I’d definitely play again in my free time and I can’t wait to see the next stages you have planned. It’s a like & favorite from me. :yum:


Spectating should be added in new servers, and the freeze bug should also be fixed. Thanks for the feedback!

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It was pretty good. The gameplay was quite solid in my opinion, little to no repetitiveness, and some smart use of moving kill bricks, which is a lot better than what most obbies on this forum bother to do. Like Arevoir said, the name is fitting too.

However I do have some general issues. Skipping one stage in a 20 stage obby should definitley not warrant 250 robux, considering that it’s over three dollars (if I did my conversions correctly).

Then there’s the problems synonymous with most obbies - too bland, not enough features. It’s fine if you things stay the same in those areas. But if you want a decent ratio (70%+) on any hard obby, you need the polish and features to at least make the rage quitters think twice about disliking.

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You’re right - when I was deciding the prices I was thinking of DevEx rates instead of the buy rates. I’ve lowered the price down to 50. I’ll try to think of some ways to make ragequitters think twice, such as improving the graphics on the game.

Thanks for the feedback!


It’s a pretty cool game, but I feel like the skip stage product is really expensive. My obby, called Rager Obby, has a skip stage product that’s like 10 robux, so… Stage 16 is really hard also, sometimes I randomly die without a part hitting me…

Maybe I should make my obby’s skip stage product more expensive…

The lighting makes me feel depressed make it a little brighter. Or use color correction.


I made the skip product expensive so that people wouldn’t just skip through all the stages and claim that they won cough luabearygood cough. Thanks for the feedback though.


These issues should now be fixed, thanks for the feedback!

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