Prehistoria Game Rules

For Prehistoria
Prehistoria will never have complicated or invasive rules. I just like to have things written down for clarity.

No Cross-Server Raids

This refers to organized groups who work together to kill everyone on a server, then leave to do the same thing on another server when the server they’re on empties due to players trying to get away from them. This only refers to organized teamwork of many players swapping servers quickly in order to bother as many people as possible, hurting the game’s population by causing a lot of people to log off.

Casual play with friends and switching servers when needed will not be mistaken for this. It is also fine to raid a single server and stay there. This rule is about extreme scenarios if a big group starts to noticeably harm the game’s population. It does not warrant a permanent ban.

Exploiting / Sabotage

Exploiting using 3rd party scripts/softwares will get a player permanently banned. It may also result in a ban of alt accounts we can determine are affiliated with you if you use them with intent to evade the ban and continue exploiting.

You will not be banned for taking advantage of gameplay bugs, even in combat. However, be careful that your bug use isn’t mistaken for hacking (such as abusing a flying bug the devs don’t know about). If you find a bug, it’s best to tell the developers about it.

Sabotage of the game using severe bugs or vulnerabilities can warrant a ban (for example, finding a bug that crashes the server and doing it on purpose).

Severe Behavior

The following is treated severely and will be moderated against:

  • Being dangerous to the real life safety of others (sending inappropriate material to minors, a scammer/account stealer, etc)
  • Language that violates Roblox’s TOS, such as inappropriate language or severe bullying in chat
  • Harassment of the devs or evading moderation (such as sending harassing messages to the devs, using alt accounts to evade in-game or Discord bans, refusing to stop participating in cross-server raids when asked, etc) can warrant game bans. We will give sufficient notice if a player’s behavior towards the devs is unacceptable, and only ban if they refuse to stop their behavior after being warned.