PreloadAsync failing to load image even though it loads manually

I’m attempting to preload images using content provider, however one image always throws an error and fails to load through the script. The issue is that if I enter the ID into the image label manually, the image loads instantly, every time.

local Assets = {"rbxassetid://4707342004","rbxassetid://4708971962"} --The first one loads fine


ContentProvider:PreloadAsync() failed for rbxassetid://4708971962

Is this something I can fix or is there an underlying issue?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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PreloadAsync only allows you to pass through an array of instances.

The code I have used is almost exactly the same as the code sample at the bottom of that page. They also have put asset IDs into a table and pre-loaded that. Why is it that mine is any different?

4708971962 is a decal. The id of the image is 4708971957.

How did you distinguish that? I didn’t know that there was a difference between the two.

All decal assets are uploaded twice: one as the website information asset and the other which can be used in-game. These are two asset types: decal and image. Image is the one that gets used in-game. Seeing as the second id was the decal image type, I just converted it to an image and supplied you the right id.

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