Preloading images doesn't work!

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I wanna play image sequences in my game.

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Right now the image sequence has to be played once before it’s properly shown. The first time the images load and it just doesn’t look nice since it has visible gaps between each frame. After the first load the image sequence plays fine.

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

I have been using preloadasync to preload the image ids but it seems to do nothing at all! I mean it does something because when I try to preload the images I print after it yields. More image ids equals longer preload time.

So this anyone actually have a workaround or something that works? Because I have been spending countless hours trying to get the images to preload.

Images have an IsLoaded property for this. Poll that or watch it with a property signal watcher to see when the image loads. However, you still have the issue of triggering the client to download the image in the first place. For that, create a dummy screen gui with off-screen 1x1 images to force loading of the images. You can do that anywhere at any time ahead of when you want to show the images.